Practice Group Professionals Roundtable

Practice Group Professionals 2022 Roundtable Meeting Dates

June 15th | 11:00 am to 3:00 pm ET

September 13th | 11:00 am to 3:00 pm ET

November 8th & 9th if hybrid meeting | 12:00 to 5:00 pm ET with a hosted evening event on the 8th and 9:00 am to 12:00 pm ET on the 9th Please note: if virtual, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm ET on the 8th.

December 15th | 11:00 am to 3:00 pm ET – if the November meeting is virtual, we will add a meeting

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Practice Group Professionals Roundtable Overview

LawVision’s Practice Group Professionals Roundtable (formerly managed by The Hildebrandt Institute) is the only organization for the new and growing roles in practice management and business managers for law firm departments and practice groups. The Practice Management Professionals Roundtable is designed to provide individuals who work closely with department heads, practice group leaders and other law firm partners in practice management positions with a forum for energetic and strategic discussion. All discussions are confidential to the Roundtable members.

As you are aware, many law firms have established or are establishing positions for professionals charged with managing, or assisting in the management of, the firms’ departments or practices – a role we have been calling Practice Management Professionals. In 2002, Susan Raridon Lambreth, then with Hildebrandt International, formed The Hildebrandt Institute Roundtable for Practice Management Professionals, which has been meeting several times annually since then. The titles of the individuals in these roles vary from Chief Practice  Management Officer or Director of Practice Management to Department Operating Officer to Business Manager or Chief of Staff for a department or group. There are also some members who have a combined role of practice development and business management support to the practice groups.

The goal of the Roundtable is to bring together individuals in similar roles to share ideas and experiences in their positions; participate in interactive presentations led by guest speakers; and, discuss the “best practices” that their firms are implementing. The Roundtable now meets three times a year in-person and occasionally by conference call or web conference. Topics addressed during our meetings have included:

  • Project management & process improvement.
  • Alternative fees.
  • Creating and implementing effective business plans.
  • Enhancing lateral hire recruitment and retention – from techniques in due diligence to assessment tools for hiring to the integration processes.
  • How to measure practice management success (use of metrics to benchmark performance in areas including profitability, client satisfaction, market share and more).
  • The relationship between practice management and knowledge management and marketing.
  • Techniques for improving client relationship management.
  • The client’s perspective – the corporate law department’s view on using outside counsel.
  • Understanding lawyer personality traits and their impact on practice group leadership.
  • How to enhance your leadership effectiveness within your team of practice management professionals in your firm.
  • Tools and templates used by firms for practice group management.

The Roundtable now has over 100 individual representatives from about 30 firms.

Our members appreciate participating in the Roundtable because it is the only forum available that focuses exclusively on practice management related issues. Members have the opportunity to come together and share with individuals in similar positions from other firms about what’s working and not working in practice group management, ranging from financial reports to business planning techniques, to workload management software. Between meetings, members communicate using our private LinkedIn page. Members also select the topics for guest speakers and content is tailored to the Practice Group Management Professionals’ needs.

Further, members can gain insight from LawVision consultants who specialize in practice management and have experience with hundreds of firms on their practice management issues.

Roundtable Member Benefits

The Practice Management Professionals Roundtable members receive a host of benefits including:

  • Opportunity to learn from and share with other professionals in similar roles.
  • Opportunity to attend any of the three meetings each year.
  • Small group format fosters candid discussions and networking.
  • 20-percent discount on all open programs offered by LawVision.
  • 20-percent discount on Law Firm Partnership and Benefits Report (published by ALM).
  • 10-percent discount for individual members at Thomson Reuters/Hildebrandt Institute’s annual and prestigious Law Firm.
  • Leaders Conference.
  • Access to proprietary and relevant research.

Meeting Format

All meetings will be designed to include facilitated conversations based on topics suggested by the members. The in-person meetings will include a professional development segment to be presented by a well-known authority on relevant topics for the members’ roles. Time will also be built-in for roundtable sharing among members on issues identified to be of specific interest by the members. The sessions will focus on topics of specific interest to the group. 2020’s roundtable meetings will run from noon one day through lunch the second day, enabling many people to fly in and out in two days.  There will be an opportunity to interact with the members during the evening of the first day.

Membership Fee

The cost for 2022 will be as follows: firms that wish to have 1-2 individual members listed will be billed $3,000 for the year and will be allowed up to send those two individuals to each meeting. Firms that wish to have 3-5 members listed will be billed $5,000 for the year and may send a maximum of 5 people to each in person meeting and unlimited team members to virtual meetings. We can tailor a membership to your firm’s needs. The membership fee will be billed upon acceptance of membership and thereafter annually in November of each year. Membership also includes all meals at the meetings.

Roundtable Founder / Facilitator

Susan Raridon Lamberth | Principal | LawVision |

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Eva Booth | Roundtable and Program Director | LawVision |