Innovation & Value Leaders Roundtable

Innovation & Value Leaders 2022 Roundtable Meeting Dates

November 10th | 12:00 – 3:00 pm ET via Zoom or 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET if in-person

Innovation & Value Leaders Roundtable Member Portal


The Innovation and Value Leaders’ Roundtable is designed to provide an exclusive forum for the senior leaders of innovation and client value/service in major firms to assist each other via a peer network of trusted advisors and friends. The goal is to foster energetic, strategic and confidential discussions about innovation and value topics – the intent is to stretch intellectual thinking while offering concrete ideas on actions that can be taken today. There are many programs with speakers and large conferences, but this is designed to bring together the senior leaders of these functions in a smaller setting to share issues, ideas, approaches, and challenges. Roundtable members meet twice a year and receive other important benefits described below.

Discussion topics are member-driven and selected, and have included issues such as:

  • Innovation trends at large, research, and methodologies
  • Legal innovation perspectives: practice, delivery, financial performance, structure, process, service, brand, client engagement
  • Innovation measurement, tracking, and ROI
  • New product development techniques in professional services
  • Managing risks, setting expectations, iterative learning loops, failing fast
  • Managing client expectations for innovation and value approaches
  • Innovation process: development methodologies and law firm adoption
  • Innovation impact categorization: incremental versus disruptive
  • New innovative practice areas for law firms
  • Client service design strategies and innovation
  • New law firm business models, structure and capital allocation models
  • Innovation with data/data science, predictive analytics, machine learning
  • Education and training for embracing change/accelerating change management
  • Coaching and training for innovative thinking for lawyers and administrative professionals
  • Advanced topics: data science, client service innovation (CX), new firm roles, law firm digitization

Roundtable Member Benefits

The Innovation Leaders’ Roundtable members receive a host of benefits including:

  • Opportunity to network with innovation/value leaders from other major firms and legal departments
  • Opportunity to invite one client per year to hear the discussions and participate
  • Small group format enabling candid discussions
  • 20-percent discount on all public programs/conferences offered by LawVision
  • 10-percent discount for individual members at Thomson Reuter’s Legal Executive Institute’s annual and prestigious Law Firm Leaders Conference.
  • Access to proprietary and relevant research.

Roundtable Format

  • Membership is for those members registered. If a member is unable to attend a particular meeting, he or she can send a “deputy”. We recommend as much consistency as possible in attendance, so you can leverage the networking and camaraderie benefits and maintain the high level of the dialogue.
  • Roundtable members meet twice a year; meetings are hosted at a member firm’s offices.
  • The program format will most likely be a full day followed by an opportunity to interact with the other members in the evening. Members will decide their preferred dates for meetings at the beginning of each year.
  • Members pay their individual travel and hotel costs; all meals during the meeting are included in the annual fees, as are fees for outside speakers.
  • One of the two meetings a year will be oriented around collaboration or innovation with clients and each member can bring one client professional with them.

Meeting Format

All meetings will be designed to include facilitated conversations and roundtable discussions based on topics identified in pre-meeting interviews to be conducted by phone. The in-person meetings will include information on various topics of mutual interest identified by the members (e.g., an annual state of the industry, research findings, etc. to be presented by a well-known authority).

Membership Fee

  • Please contact Susan Lambreth ( or Eva Booth ( for information on membership fees. The membership fee will be billed upon acceptance of membership and thereafter annually in December of each year. Membership also includes all meals at the live meetings (breakfast and lunch).

Roundtable Facilitators

Susan Raridon Lambreth and Mark Medice | Principals | LawVision 

For questions or more information contact: Susan Raridon Lambreth at 615.545.5530; or Mark Medice at 412.721.9475;