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Legal Project Management Roundtable

Remaining 2023 Legal Project Management Roundtable Meeting Dates

November 7: Zoom (9:00 am – 12:00 pm ET)
November 15/16: Zoom (9:00 am – 12:00 pm AEST)

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Legal Project Management Roundtable Overview

Legal project management is becoming a key tool for law firms aggressively responding to client requests for more efficient legal services. As a result, many firms are adding professionals as full-time project managers. This may be the fastest-growing professional management position in law firms today (not unlike what happened with the practice management roles a few years ago). And, like any new role, being a project manager in a law firm is fraught with challenges. With few precedents, many legal project managers search for resources and peers to help them thrive in this new and emerging role.

In our work with people actively tackling project management responsibilities in law firms, several have expressed an interest in organizing a roundtable where legal project management professionals can meet, share ideas and best practices, continue their professional development, and enhance the visibility and functioning of these roles. In response, we have organized a new roundtable for large firms’ project management professionals. Our membership includes in-house legal professionals from law departments, law firm partners leading LPM in their firms, and law firm professionals in LPM, finance, professional development, KM, and pricing leading or implementing LPM in their firms.

The goal of the Roundtable is to bring together individuals in similar roles to share ideas and experiences in their positions, participate in interactive presentations led by guest speakers, and discuss the “best practices” their firms are implementing. All discussions are confidential to the Roundtable members.

Some topics of interest suggested by our members for 2023 are:

  • LPM technology,
  • Process improvement,
  • Roles of legal project managers,
  • Client-facing issues and opportunities,
  • Case studies of law firms’ implementation of LPM,
  • Design thinking, and
  • After action reviews/matter debriefs.

Our members appreciate participating in the Roundtable because they have the opportunity to come together and share with individuals in similar positions from other firms about what’s working and not working in project management. Between meetings, members can communicate using our private LinkedIn page. Members also select the topics for guest speakers, and content is tailored to the legal project managers’ needs. Further, members can gain insight from LawVision consultants who have decades of expertise in law firm management and have worked with many of the largest law firms in North America. Our consultants have established and led other roundtables and boardrooms for law firm professionals for over a decade.

2023 Roundtable Member Benefits Click here to download a copy.

Virtual and hybrid structure and benefits for 2023: We have committed to giving you even more than
last year:

  • One hybrid meeting (offering in-person and virtual participation): A full-day meeting with a
  • Three virtual meetings: These will continue in the format used during the pandemic and allow
    participation without the cost of travel
  • Core content-focused meetings: Each meeting will have a primary focus, such as the
    abovementioned topics. Break-out discussions will be a mix of problem-solving discussion,
    topic-based, and role-based.
  • First-ever “LPM Bootcamp” for those new to LPM roles: This will be a separate session with
    “veteran” LPMs sharing tips for success with those new to the roles.
  • Unlimited firm/team member attendance: Each firm’s membership dues permit access to all
    firm/team members in their geography at each virtual meeting, in addition to the private portal
    of past meeting materials and more. Firms can join for their region: North America (US and
    Canada), UK/Europe/EMEA, or Australia, or they can select a global membership covering all their
    offices. Contact Eva Booth at for more information if you want to
    expand your membership.
  • Global learning and networking: Virtual meetings benefit from international exposure at all
    the sessions. The United States, United Kingdom, and Australian LPM Roundtables will
    continue to have virtual meetings that span regions. You will have the opportunity to share
    with global LPM leaders, select the timing that fits your schedule, or participate in both.

Continued existing benefits:

  • Access to prior meetings recordings and documents in the member portal
  • Access to the LinkedIn LPM Roundtable group
  • 20-percent discount on all open programs offered by LawVision and Positive
    Pricing (including single enrollment in the online LPM courses)

Meeting Formats

All meetings will be designed to include facilitated conversations based on topics suggested by the members. The in-person/hybrid meetings will include a professional development segment to be presented by a well-known authority on relevant topics for the members’ roles. Time will also be built for roundtable sharing among members on issues of specific interest to the members. The hybrid roundtable meetings will be one day, plus a reception the night before or after the meeting. The Legal Project Management Roundtable hybrid meeting meets on a consecutive day with the Legal Pricing Roundtable hybrid meeting, and the two groups have the reception together. There is a significant overlap in membership between the two groups.


Please get in touch with Susan Lambreth ( or Eva Booth ( for information on membership fees. The membership fee will be billed upon acceptance of membership and thereafter annually in December of each year. Membership also includes all meals at the live meetings (breakfast and lunch).

Roundtable Founder/Facilitator

Susan Raridon Lambreth | Principal | LawVision

To Sign Up:

Eva Booth | Roundtable and Program Director | LawVision |

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