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2022 Legal Project Management Roundtable Meeting Dates

October 2022 Meetings

The in-person Hybrid meeting will take place in October 18th and be an all-day event with remote access for those who cannot attend in person. The US & Australia meeting would be held on the 25th.

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Legal Project Management Roundtable Overview

As you know, legal project management is becoming a key tool for law firms that are aggressively responding to client requests for more efficient legal services. As a result, a growing number of firms are adding professionals as full-time project managers. In fact, this may be the fastest-growing professional management position in law firms today (not unlike what happened with the practice management roles a few years ago). And, like any new role, being a project manager in a law firm is fraught with challenges. With few precedents, many legal project managers are searching for resources and peers to help them thrive in this new and emerging role.

In our work with people who are actively tackling project management responsibilities in law firms, several have expressed an interest in organizing a roundtable where legal project management professionals can meet, share ideas and best practices, continue their own professional development, and enhance the visibility and functioning of these roles. In response, we have decided to organize a new roundtable for the professionals in project management roles in large firms. We hope to have members not only from law firms but also from legal departments.

The goal of the Roundtable is to bring together individuals in similar roles to share ideas and experiences in their positions; participate in interactive presentations led by guest speakers; and, to discuss the “best practices” that their firms are implementing. All discussions are confidential to the Roundtable members.

The Roundtable will meet twice a year in New York. The meeting locations may change in future years but are decided by the members and are hosted by a member firm in their offices each time. Topics that have been suggested for upcoming meetings include:

  • Getting partner buy-in to project management & process improvement initiatives
  • Tools and systems for budgeting and project planning
  • Group dynamics and managing a project team
  • The psychology of leading change and leading teams in a law  firm
  • Developing, analyzing and managing alternative fee arrangements
  • How to measure project management success (use of metrics to benchmark performance in areas including profitability, client satisfaction, market share and more).
  • The relationship between project management, knowledge management, and business development.
  • Lessons learned in PM in other knowledge-based industries or professional service firms
  • Tools and templates used by firms for practice group management.

Our members appreciate participating in the Roundtable because they have the opportunity to come together and share with individuals in similar positions from other firms about what’s working and not working in project management. Between meetings, members can communicate using our private LinkedIn page. Members also select the topics for guest speakers and content is tailored to the legal project managers’ needs. Further, members can gain insight from LawVision consultants who have decades of expertise in law firm management and have worked with many of the largest law firms in North America. Our consultants have established and led other roundtables and boardrooms for law firm professionals for more than a decade.

Roundtable Member Benefits

The Legal Project Managers Roundtable members receive a host of benefits including:

  • Opportunity to learn from and share with other professionals in similar roles.
  • Opportunity to attend the two meetings each year
  • A small group format fosters candid discussions and networking.
  • 20-percent discount on all open programs offered by LawVision.
  • 20-percent discount on Law Firm Partnership and Benefits Report (published by ALM).
  • 10-percent discount for individual members at Hildebrandt Institute’s annual and prestigious Law Firm Leaders Conference.
  • Access to proprietary and relevant research.

Meeting Formats

All meetings will be designed to include facilitated conversations based on topics suggested by the members. The in-person meetings will include a professional development segment to be presented by a well-known authority on relevant topics for the members’ roles. Time will also be built-in for roundtable sharing among members on issues identified to be of specific interest by the members. The Roundtable meetings will be one day with an opportunity to interact with the members either the evening before or after the meeting (in conjunction with the members of the Legal Pricing Roundtable). The LPM Roundtable meets on a consecutive day with the Legal Pricing Roundtable. There is a significant overlap in membership between the two groups.


Please contact Susan Lambreth ( or Eva Booth ( for information on membership fees. The membership fee will be billed upon acceptance of membership and thereafter annually in December of each year. Membership also includes all meals at the live meetings (breakfast and lunch).

Roundtable Founder

Susan Raridon Lambreth | Principal | LawVision

Roundtable Facilitators

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