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Leading Practice Groups in a Time of Great Change

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Back by Popular Demand with a New Virtual Design – LawVision and LawyerBrain have teamed to offer their cutting-edge workshop based on the latest research and experience on leadership that can help law firm Practice and Industry Group Leaders, Department Heads, members of firm management, and others leading practice or industry groups to achieve greater success.  You will learn the latest science and how it applies to leading lawyers individually and in groups in a law firm.   The information is shared in a digestible, interactive format with many opportunities for engaging discussion with your faculty and with other law firm leaders in attendance.

Leading Practice Groups in a Time of Great Change is designed to give Firm, Industry, and Practice Group Leaders the skills and understanding they need to effectively lead their groups to higher levels of performance and success in a world of increasing change and uncertainty.  You will walk away with new insights and frameworks to deal with your issues and practical tips you can implement immediately.

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 You can pick and choose up to 6 days of sessions to tailor the workshop to your individual needs.

Rates: Build your own program – Choose any of the following packages:

  1. Silver Package: $2,395 for three days of sessions  
  2. Gold Package: $2,795 for four days of sessions
  3. Platinum Package: $2,995 for all 6 days of sessions

Note:  Session 3 is only available as part of the Platinum Package and there is an additional charge for the Caliper assessment.

DAY 1 (October 15: 11 am – 4 pm ET)

Session 1: Preparing Your Firm for the Post-Covid19 Marketplace
As we wind down the final quarter of 2020, law firms continue to make the course corrections that will take us into the coming year. We will kick off the workshop by understanding where we have been and where we can expect to go.
·   How law firm excellence will be defined in the post-pandemic yea
·   How changing client expectations alter the way in which law firms compete
·   How firms and practice leaders will support both the internal and external changes
·   What PGLs can expect in 2021 and beyond

·   Generate ideas and objectives for prioritizing the information you will hear in the coming days
·   Provide a rich body of knowledge to inform our discussions and underscore our discoveries
Session 2: The Resilient Leader: Coping with Change and Uncertainty
In the face of this year’s ongoing crisis and the resulting uncertainty, resilience is a necessary skill to deal with change. Yet, lawyers are surprisingly low in psychological resilience. The good news is, however, that resilience can be strengthened.
·   Why law firms would want to embrace change and the 4 solid principles and practices that help
·   What it means to have low resilience and why it matters now more than ever
·   How and why low resilience can go even lower
·   How to embrace change during challenging economic conditions
·   How the disruption of core psychological needs affects your law firm
·   Why the atypical lawyer personality makes it easier to practice law well, but harder to lead lawyers—and what to do about it

·     Learn strategies to build psychological resilience and mental toughness
·     Learn why lawyers have 7 outlier personality traits
·     Identify practical approaches for leading change
·     Take away many evidence-based tactics that are immediately actionable
·     Discover how lawyers can capitalize on their strengths to enhance overall firm performance

DAY 2 (October 22: 11 am – 2 pm ET)
Session 3: Understanding Self and Others: The Caliper Profile
One of the best ways to raise self-awareness is via a highly valid and reliable assessment tool such as the Caliper Profile. We’ve given personality feedback to over 5000 lawyers including 260 law firm leaders using the Caliper Profile.
Each participant will receive personalized, private feedback on their own personality scores. Participating firms receive an analysis of the aggregate personality profile of the partnership.
·   How your Caliper Profile can help you leverage your best traits
·   How the aggregate Caliper Profile can help your firm build a more disciplined partnership
·   Why self-awareness is the number one prerequisite for effective leadership
·   How to use personality principles as a tool for improving your de facto leadership skills
·   How to use personality principles to understand and effectively influence others

·   Identify the leadership skills you can leverage that will allow you to optimize your performance
·   Learn how to develop the skills that serve you well and mitigate those that do not
·   Learn to recognize and encourage the team leadership skills needed to operate in an uncertain environment
·   Learn how a personality “blind spot” can derail an otherwise smart leadership team

DAY 3 (October 28: 11 am – 4 pm ET)
Session 4: How to Build an Engaged Workforce in a Time of Distractibility and Threat
You have heard it many times: “Our assets walk out the door every night.” How do you get your talented lawyers and other professionals to come back? How do you get them to be committed, enthusiastic, hard-working, motivated people? How do you get them engaged?
·   How the latest neuroscience research can help you build a stronger, more engaged team
·   What we can learn from best practices and the latest research on retaining our valuable assets
·   How to translate best practices and solid principles into actionable steps

·   Discover 4 proven principles that produce and sustain high employee engagement
·   Learn how to reduce turnover and maximize enthusiasm and commitment
·   Learn how to put together an action plan based on current practices for your law firm

Session 5: Building Virtual High-Performance Teams
You and your lawyers have spent many months working from home. Teamwork is still essential, except now it’s virtual and thus more difficult to sustain. Behavioral science offers several proven principles for building and sustaining high-performing teams.
·   How to decode and manage group dynamics in matter teams, industry-based teams, “hunting in packs” teams, and other groups
·   How to evolve your leadership approach as needed and understanding what you can and cannot control
·   How to harness healthy “conflict” to create group cohesion
·   What eye-opening new research can teach us about successfully leading teams, including new research on women and teams

·   Generate a list of Do’s and Don’ts that will help you build and maintain high performance teams, whether they are in person or virtual
·   Identify new strategies and techniques you can deploy with your own teams to generate lasting cohesio

DAY 4 (November 5: 11 am – 4 pm ET)

Session 6: Super Charge Your Leadership to Build Collaboration
Effective leadership is not about charisma or inborn traits. Rather, it is the direct result of doing the right behaviors. In this session, we present the 5 powerful leader behaviors that generate followership. We also show you how these same principles can be used to build and sustain collaboration, and why it matters. 
·   Understanding the most reliable and highly regarded research on what makes leaders effective
·   The 5 key practices of effective leaders
·   Why lawyers are not designed to collaborate, and how to get them to do it anyway
·   Why collaboration increases profitability
·   What 3 tips you will use to increase collaboration within and across the firm
·   How to use a simple exercise to apply new ideas to your role

·   Recognize behaviors you want to encourage to develop the most effective leaders in your law firm
·   Improve your ability to cultivate collaboration among lawyers who are not naturally inclined to do so

DAY 5 (November 12: 11 am – 4 pm)
Session 7: Re-thinking Your Strategy for the New Normal – And Actually Implementing
In the current uncertain environment, traditional strategic planning used by law firms and practice groups in the recent past won’t work. Strategic planning today must be responsive to shifting market opportunities.
·     How to use short-term and longer-term planning effectively in the changing legal climate
·     How to keep your practice group focused on group goals, while capitalizing on emerging market opportunities
·     How a strategic mindset differs from traditional strategic planning and why it is important
·     How to prioritize and implement strategies with intention
·     How to optimize success through accountability and action planning for individual lawyer and team performance

·   Learn to structure strategic planning with an approach that is agile and responsive
·   Discover methods to cultivate and encourage ongoing and integrated strategic thinking

DAY 6 (November 19: 11 am – 4 pm)
Session 8: Developing Your Leadership Agenda
The culmination of this leadership program is the development of an action plan that moves you from where you currently are to where you want to be. All participants have the opportunity for a coaching session with Larry and Susan.
·   How to determine the right next steps and a game plan to address your objectives
·   How to use your Caliper Profile to improve your leadership effectiveness and determine which leadership strengths to leverage
·   How to prevent burnout while juggling your personal practice and leadership roles
·   Leverage workshop insights to initiate an action plan with next steps
·   Learn specific steps you can take to develop leadership skills for yourself and others


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